DAO Labs reveals 3 new features and opportunities for Users on DAOVERSE platform

DAO Labs reveals 3 new features and opportunities for Users on DAOVERSE platform

As part of anniversary events at DAO Labs, it is a great pleasure for us to introduce 3 new and important features that help us grow and evolve in a way that meets the needs and desires of this community. To build a more user-friendly, transparent, efficient and fair platform for everyone. 

1 ) Connect your wallet directly from your profile 

Currently, DAOVERSE platform allows users to manually enter their wallet address, in order to receive their rewards during periodic provided Workdrops. Workdrops represent the standard payout mechanism on Social Mining, allowing the team to reward the community members who add value to the project’s ecosystem growth thanks to the activities carried out and submitted. 

Wallet linked to Profile

With the new release, DAO Labs will provide users the possibility to connect their MetaMask, Trust Wallet, as well as other wallets through Wallet Connect, directly on their profile on the platform. This new important feature can provide several benefits to members, including: 

  • Increased convenience and easier payments: By allowing users to connect their wallets directly to their profile, they can easily access and manage their balance in real time without having to switch between multiple applications.
  • Enhanced security: Wallet Connect uses end-to-end encryption to establish a secure connection between the user’s wallet and the platform, reducing the risk of fraud or theft.
  • Decentralized process: Wallets like MetaMask and Trust Wallet are non-custodial and user-controlled, and as such, they interact directly with the blockchain.
  • Improved user experience: By streamlining the process of accessing and managing balance, users can have an easier to navigate layout as well as an enjoyable experience on the platform. 
  • Increased trust: By providing users with the ability to connect their wallets, DAO Labs demonstrates its commitment to user security and tries to provide more transparency and credibility for the platform. 

2 ) Redeem your points through the new Marketplace

All above features guarantee easier and quicker payments for members’ work. It ramps the opportunity to release its new Marketplace, which grants: 

  • More power to the community: Users will be able to exchange points to BUSD by themselves and redeem them once they reach 500 Points, the equivalent of 5 USD . This way they can have greater control over their rewards and make decisions that align with their personal goals and preferences. The final scan and redeem function will be built into the profile.
  • Increased engagement: By providing users with the ability to exchange points and redeem rewards, users can feel more motivated to participate in the platform. Most importantly they won’t have to wait until the next Workdrop, which occurs around every 2 months. Now they will be able to get paid on a weekly basis. 
  • Wide range of redemption options: The Marketplace will be offering - as it grows, in the future - different redemption options, like collecting payments in $BUSD or including Layer 1 Platform Hosts .

“We have reduced the Validation and Payout time for regular users to 1 x week”, explained Malte Christensen, CEO and Founder of DAO Labs, “The next goal will be to allow for seamless real time payouts. Users will gradually be awarded more control as the new features get implemented.”

One Marketplace for all

These releases provide greater flexibility, motivation, engagement, as well as transparency for community members. In addition to that, users can measure their All-time - and Real-time Points from the platform.

All-time Points represent the number of points users accumulated since they joined Social Mining, while Real-time Points correspond to the number of points users can redeem via the Marketplace. 

3) The All-new Social Mining Jobs Program

DAO Labs wants people to monetize their skills and earn a decent income. Therefore, it created a special Program to reward top Social Miners for their outstanding performance and Social Mining quality. 

The first 30 jobs have been assigned and Social Miners will for the first time produce regular income and, upon completion, the benefit to be rewarded weekly based on the quality and consistency of their work. 

Jobs for Social Miners

The Job Program will deal with a package of prepaid tasks as well as activities on Twitter - running on all 5 Social Mining platforms - that must be completed by the end of each week from the highest performing jobholders.

Tasks and activities will be evaluated by validators and the Core Team once a week and - based on compliance with the requirements, value and engagement - they will produce a performance report updated weekly, that will calculate a new ranking of the best 30 users, thus determining the payout of the next week.  

This system guarantees fairness and transparency for everyone, which are essential elements in building a successful and sustainable platform. Malte Christensen pointed out, on this regard: “The average global minimum wage lies around $35 a week, we hereby match that! Commitment and quality in completing the required tasks pay. Every Social Miner can climb up the leaderboard to earn top positions and be rewarded the possibility of a weekly pre-paid job."

But another big concern of the DAO Labs Core Team is precisely around security. Christensen added: “Our attention resides in our Social Miners to feel secure. Firstly, to bring them the assurance of being paid a certain amount that initially represents an official salary in certain markets and, second, pay them at a predetermined final time and eliminating the fear of not receiving a reward they deserve for their work” .

Which are the activities included in the Social Mining Jobs Program?

Jobholders will work and compete on the following tasks and activities:


Twitter Program:

  • Jobholders need to ensure, per week, 10 valuable tweets + 15 retweets.


  • 1 Design Task per week on memes, infographics and stickers
  • 1 Content creation Task: Article for the Blog Site or Medium blog.

Rewards in the highest current job tier top 35 USD (3500 Points) per week for every single user. 

A recap: What’s Social Mining about?

Since its creation, DAO Labs has rooted for new ways to provide fair payment for quality work to people in need of a side hustle or a basic income. New technologies enable that. This is called Decentralization of Jobs, one of the principles of Social Mining, and it’s about offering several key advantages over traditional employment structures.

Social Mining platform members have the opportunity to enhance a specific project by working remotely from all over the world just offering their own skills, as well as choosing how many hours to dedicate to it. 

 You could resume its benefits into three basic features:

  1. It gives individuals greater flexibility and control over their work, allowing them to choose the projects they work on and set their committed time to do so. 
  2. It enables Social Miners to earn money in new and innovative ways, such as monetizing their skills and expertise on decentralized platforms. 
  3. It allows people globally to participate in work opportunities that were previously unavailable to them, regardless of their location or qualifications. Users become their own selling data centers.

 Keep up the Good Work and get the best from Social Mining! 

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