DAO Governance Solution for Digital Business

Social Mining, DAO Labs own Governance Solution for Digital Businesses, is comprised of a set of web 3.0 applications designed to help businesses create incentivized digital governance applicable to any organization.

Currently, Social Mining V1 C2B and Social Mining V1 B2B are available to any business that seeks digital governance for their communities or networks. Both Social Mining products are SaaS solutions that can be either permissionless or permissioned.

The upcoming Social Mining V2 is the Multichain Social Mining Hub that will be released in Q4 2022, featuring seamless integration of assets from multiple blockchains, enhanced governance model, access to maximized multichain yield for proven users, decentralized collaboration, and vastly improved UI/UX.

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The DAO Labs Product Suite

Social Mining SaaS (V1)

A custom-built decentralized application that enables businesses to create, manage, organize, and incentivize the governance of their networks or communities digitally.

Multichain Social Mining Hub (V2)

The Genesis of Social Mining V1 supporting leading Blockchains, allowing for collective harvesting and the highest APY generation through selective user validation — further offering multi-asset yield plug into several blockchains.

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Type: Task-focused Social Mining
Platform Users: 20,000
Twitter Impressions Generated: 35 million
Twitter Engagement Generated: 500,000
Total Points Earned: 3.5 million
Total Content Submitted: 28,500
AVAX ATH ROI: +22,023.2%


DAO Labs

Light Beta Version of DAO Lab's Social Mining V1 Platform, evolving into the DAOVERSE.

The eventual genesis of Social Mining V2
and the Motor of the ILO.


Upcoming Social Mining Platforms


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Hedera Hashgraph

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Upcoming Governance Solution

Social Mining V2

The next-generation Social Mining platform, featuring advanced governance tools and mobile friendly interface for any project to create a sustainable decentralized autonomous organization among its stakeholders.

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