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The Influencer Allocation Simulator helps you calculate the LABOR return once you signed up and are approved as an Influencer in DAOVERSE. The simulator estimates your LABOR allocation size based on your social media performance during the pre-TGE period.
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Social Mining Ecosystem Stats

60,000 Platform Users
100 users sign up daily on average
146 Unique Signup Countries
3900 unique signup cities
2000 Weekly Active Users
300 daily active users
12M Points Earned
200 average Points per user
25,000 Surveyed Users
Users applied to 20+ roles
1.5M Reputation Earned
25 average Rep per user
10,000 Twitter Users
10M total followers of users
49,000 Telegram Users
1.2M total messages generated
3000 Reddit Users
2.5M Karma generated
54,000 users access the cBoard
300,000 total activity submissions
1,200 Tasks published
65,000 total Task submissions
$500,000,000 Total Staking
15+ tokenized assets staked
60,000 Total Tweets
200 daily tweets on average
250,000 Total Retweets
1200 daily retweets on average
100,000,000 Impressions
300,000 daily impressions on average
1,000,000 Engagements
30,000 daily engagements on average
600,000 Generated Likes
20,000 daily likes on average
150,000 Generated Replies
5000 daily replies on average
dApp Research and Development

Pioneering consulting and governance in tokenization & blockchain integration

DAO Labs is a dApp research and development house with a global network of leading blockchains, partners, and customers, helping organizations build next-generation governance infrastructures.

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DAO Governance Solution for Digital Business

Social Mining SaaS (V1)

A custom-built decentralized application that enables businesses to create, manage, organize, and incentivize the governance of their networks or communities digitally.

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Multichain Social Mining Hub (V2)

A Social Mining dApp supports leading blockchains, allowing for collective harvesting and the highest APY generation through selective user validation — further offering multi-asset yield plug into several blockchains.

Consulting Services for Tokenized Businesses

Business Development Consulting

DAO Labs has strong ties to numerous partners, including exchanges, non custodial wallets, staking providers, payment processors & gateways, asset management services maintaining custody & liquidity. DAO Labs helps projects build efficient yet sustainable BD infrastructures.

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Marketing Consulting

With a global network of influencers and marketeers, DAO Labs helps tokenized projects to build their very own Omnipresence Strategy, an alternative form of Marketing that is composed of constructing a Design Narrative, infusing Guerrilla Marketing, KOL Collaborations and Community Building.

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