About DAO Labs

Founded in 2021, DAO Labs is comprised of experts originating from leading blockchains, such as Celo, NEM, QTUM, and EOS. DAO Labs provides governance products and consulting services to businesses that aim to transform their organizations with blockchain technology.

DAO Governance Solution for Digital Business is a DAO Labs initiated program aiming to develop a product suite that offers the next-generation governance infrastructure and tokenization tools for organizations across the private, public, and social sectors.

With over half a decade of experience incubating crypto projects, DAO Labs provides Consulting Services for Tokenized Businesses, helping blockchain startups build efficient strategies and lasting infrastructures in marketing, business development, and token architecture.

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Malte Christensen

Co-founder & CEO

Shuyong Yang (楊書勇)

Co-founder, COO & Head of Social Mining

Karl Hedin Sånemyr


Alexis Trujillo

Head of Community

Dmitri Perepelkin


Eric Cristobal

Business Development Lead

Murphy Usifo

Senior Designer

Sami Hassan

Senior Dev

Miral Wali

Marketing & BD

Nawaf Shahin

Real World Application

Elio Barbera

Business Development

Kushal Duneja

Operation & BD

ChinChin Hsu (徐進秦)

Head of China