DAO Labs launches Marketplace for DAOVERSE users

DAO Labs launches Marketplace for DAOVERSE users

With this new feature, users of the Social Mining platform can convert their earned points into BUSD on a weekly basis, making the cashing out process more convenient, secure and faster than the Workdrop system.

Having arrived at the first year of functions and 5 successful workdrops on the DAOVERSE Social Mining Ecosystem, the DAO Labs Core Team now announces the availability of the new DAOVERSE Marketplace for users to exchange their earnings into BUSD. This becomes a great leap to improve user experience, bringing more security and transparency when collecting earnings. 

In past occasions, users relied on the Workdrop system, a complicated calculation mechanism that required a long time to complete after letting them cash out the product of their work. Now they’ll enjoy outstanding shorter Payout times derived from faster Task Validations, and every week will be able to redeem their Real-Time points for BUSD in the new Marketplace and funding goes directly to users’ wallets.

For a better follow up of their performance over time, users can see their Real-Time Points next to All-Time Points count. All-Time Points represent the number of points users accumulated since they joined Social Mining, while Real-Time Points correspond to the number of points users can redeem via the Marketplace.

The simple Procedure begins by configuring a Metamask or Trust Wallet to connect to the user’s profile page. Once the process is completed they can access the Martketplace.

Once there, every week they can claim their points by clicking on the Claim Now button and following the options to redeem in the prompt, provided that they amassed a minimum of 500 points and have at least 0.01 Reputation in the platform, everything synchronized under the same exchanging parameters across DAO Labs Social Mining platforms: 1 Point = 0.01 BUSD

The Core Team hopes this new feature will allow more users to interact with more speed and confidence, giving more income opportunities to those who trust in Social Mining as one of the new job creators in the XXI century world.