DAO Labs and Telos launch Telos Hub

DAO Labs and Telos launch Telos Hub

The Core Team of DAO Labs announces the Launch of a new Platform in our ever expanding Social Mining Galaxy: TELOS HUB, dedicated to take this blockchain project's community to the next level on Tuesday, launching January 16th of 2024, 1130 UTC.

Telos blockchain network has been active since December 2018 with an impeccable record of zero downtime and presents itself as a network of networks (Layer 0). Its Telos EVM was validated as the world's fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine by Baylor University Blockchain Collective, with speeds of 15,200 Tx/sec and minimal fees. It is focused into becoming a Layer 0 network, prioritizing scalability, security, and decentralization for a vibrant ecosystem with over 1.2 million accounts, hundreds of partners and numerous dApps. Its growth prospects are promising.

DAO Labs has vowed to add L1s and crypto projects in the Top-100 rank to the Social Mining ecosystem to create the most stable and attractive environment for Social Miners to create quality User Generated Content (UCG) and be rewarded for this collaboration. According to a blog post by Malte Christensen and Shuyong Yang, CEO and COO of DAO Labs, this company is strong enough to also support emerging valuable projects that might benefit from the Social Mining framework to grow and consolidate. Telos just might be one of if not the most undervalued Layer 1 and thus an attractive platform to earn on. 

When asked about this topic, Christensen responded that “Expanding tech, loyal retail user following, sufficient liquidity, solid tokenomics, quality exchange listings, and innovation factors will ensure more earning possibilities for Social Miners, and Telos boasts a lot of fine features that our community will like and support with their usual commitment”.

Telos Hub will be open for everyone to participate, for limited time, in this new platform to join at https://community.telos.net/  

For those not yet familiar on how Social Mining works, the journey starts by becoming a member of the platform by creating an account and filling a short questionnaire in which participants provide information about themselves, their social media activity and their interests, and they complete the information by creating their social mining profile and linking their social media accounts and a Telos token compatible account.

By doing so, new Social Miners will be able to access the platform and look for available tasks to perform, post on their native social media accounts and be rewarded for this work on behalf of the Telos Ecosystem after quality is evaluated by a Validation Team. Points are assigned and users can later exchange them in the platform’s marketplace for $TLOS token.

To celebrate this launch, Telos Hub will have many easy to perform and highly rewarded tasks, with special incentives for newcomers to get familiar with the Social Mining Framework.

Social media programs in Telos Hub, like the X program, also rewards users with a minimum follower number to earn by posting or reposting original content about Telos, increasing the earning possibilities for members.

All newcomers can participate in other activities in other Social Mining platforms at the same time. By becoming a Telosi in Telos Hub, users will know how easy it is to work as a Social Miner on any of the Social Mining platforms. 

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