The DAO Labs 2023 Review

The DAO Labs 2023 Review

What a great year, 2023 for DAO Labs and Social Mining. Let’s review some of the most important facts and events during this period of our journey.


The HUBs

2022 was nearing its end and by December 14th we announced to all Daoversians the soft launch of Kava Hub, designed by DAO Labs and Kava Marketing to establish a new bridge between that blockchain project and their fans, investors and collaborative community. This was followed by an illustrious Christmas campaign. Thanks to all Langchat and community admins for making this a memorable event. 

The first population group quickly made advances, accomplished tasks and we Launched the Hub on Jan 27th of 2023. Two months after the opening, 1,300 Kava Hubbers were working.

Around June of the same year, Kava Marketing representatives acknowledged the great contribution of the Hub to the Kava brand on X, making a powerful push to this L1 network’s footprint on the broad ecosystem. Later, in September, the Top 26 Kava Hubbers skyrocketed the point count to a new record: 124,370 points awarded in activities in a single month. And after that, new additions to the KAVA ecosystem, like Kinetix and Hover made the participation grow even more.

Going back a little in the calendar, in 2023 we also launched a Hub for the NFT and Gaming enthusiasts of WAX. On March the 14th we soft-launched WAX Hub to foster the ecosystem’s growth, offering incentives in their native token, $WAXP, Ambassador Badges, NFTs based on task performance, and more.

At present, WAX Hubbers have made 4K+ submissions to more than a hundred tasks made by the Admin Team, and provided 15K+ unique X-posts, almost 60K reposts and more than 26M of impressions, delivering real value to the ecosystem, every day, post by post.

On how important the Social Mining Workforce is for these projects became evident on Polygon Hub. After a year of full functions, this collective became the number one single origin community devoted to promote and uphold Polygon and its ecosystem’s projects with 21% of this brand’s engagement on X. On average, 1 out 5 reposts on X about Polygon was made by a member of this Social Mining Community!

It was a brilliant year consolidating our collective activity on Avalanche Hub as well. Avalanche averages 43% of total brand reposts on X. 

And as a December tradition, on December 21st the soft launch of TON Community -or just TC- Hub made Christmas arrive earlier this year and brought another set of records to highlight for a first week debut for any Social Mining platform we’ve opened so far.

TON Community X Program registered 784 Unique posts and Hubbers contributed 315,000 impressions to TON. And those numbers keep growing up.


Workdrops and Voting

By Jan 11th we announced a sound statement. We made the biggest collective payment to Daoversians: $12K in one single round to reward all the platform members just to make another big improvement to bring clear payment equivalencies across all our HUBs.

Social Miners’ work started to be worth the same with the simple formula of 01 point = 0.01 USD to make worth’s more comprehensible and lay grounds for a common marketplace where all REP holders could access, at their own convenience and availability, collect their own earnings to be transferred to their profile wallets.

And later, as we understood that some users wanted the old Workdrop system still accessible to collect monthly earnings with no need of REP holding, we opened our Monthly Workdrop again.

Reputation (REP) is our mechanism to grant users $LABOR allocation rights, access the marketplace to collect earnings and also to access the Community Board to vote for task submissions and community collaborations while getting rewarded for that. After being tested with success on WAX Hub, Daoversians found simple earning means by reviewing and assigning points as votes on the platform.

And, listening to the community, we switched from $BUSD to $USDT to reward them! 😉

The Social Mining Community is a powerful voice. Our goal is to advocate for the usage of REP to allow more Social Miners to participate and earn in the upcoming months and incentivize them through decentralization, transparency and fairness.


The first year of Operations (with twists and turns)

On March 24th we celebrated DAOVERSE’s 1st Anniversary, and although DAO Labs is a little older and we worked making Social Mining strong and effective for many projects in the past -as you can check on the Legacy section on the blog-, we are fond of our first owned and self-managed Social Mining platform.

We deployed many waves of tasks and challenges. Social Miners were encouraged by one special event to recognize their skills, commitment and contributions: The Social Miner of the Year.

After analyzing the polls and selecting the winners, we held the announcement broadcast and later wrote a deep scan article to analyze what we found and what kind of social profile we were creating while building the Daoversian community.

Our Developer and Validation Teams deserve a moment to be praised, here. It is undeniable that the major changes on X’s (formerly known as Twitter) policies forced us to adapt our screening and posts’ worth calculations on the run, and for some months we worked hard to keep it up. While our Devs reshaped our algorithms, our Validators manually gathered information from the posts that our patient community members sent us to provide proof of work. That’s water under the bridge now and we came out stronger from this test. We thank our teams and community for this effort. 

This year was also when our LangChat Admins provided more information about their language communities, giving assertive insights on what they wanted and we began to develop local initiatives to incentivize newcomers to join through local chapters.

The Filipino Social Mining Student Program led by Azraiel, Amara and Erlyn Joy  now has a consistent base, with continuous formation and orientation on task performing and X account handling, and it aims to grow some more in the next trimester. The African -mostly Nigerian- Community under Calvin sports a Facebook recruitment program as well as local support initiatives for freshly joined miners. 

The Turkish community under Ipek and Ensar continues to make us proud and grateful. Community leaders like Marpaci and Metaverse provide us with valuable feedback to foster steady growth and adaptation. Social Miner Dcode has been a more than valuable addition to our development force. We are proud to have him. When more active Social Miners bring quality content on a regular basis,  it consolidates the argument for more localized -and more valuable, in rewarding terms, tasks for workers to engage with and enjoy, which turns out to be a really profitable side gig.

For everyone who still might have a doubt about it, they could check the video that our very-own Labbie One (Friendly Community Bot and Spam Killer) posted and see how well Social Mining supports our Galaxy Champions with second income and $LABOR allocation rights. Privately managed Platforms and Coin appreciation metrics are not being added to the count to keep a clean number. Save to say the total earnings are quite a bit higher. 

Now, what’s to come to our Social Mining Galaxy in 2024?

Social Mining has not stopped growing despite world economic conditions, crypto market or social media public consumption. By growing in HUB quantity, and many more will come soon, earning possibilities diversify and that’s what’s really important to remain focused on, as a community.

1) Total Platform Numbers/Stats: 

2) Frontend Changes:

We care a lot about our platforms’ look and feel. For instance, we deployed an easier wallet connection for users, a better and most comprehensive  information bar to display actual and all-time points and a smarter notifications system. Hubbers can appreciate it on TC Hub and DAOVERSE, and soon will be available on all other Hubs. We’re also working on a revamped Reddit Program, which we hope to be showing very soon, too, first hand to testers and then accessible to all community members.

3 ) The All-New DAO Labs website is almost ready! We need to give it some final touches but it will go live soon but we’ll hint you with some features you will find. 

Easy Open Access to high reward tasks

 Profile and summarized Data and Activity of High Roller Projects and Earning Possibilities: 

And Finally… 

In perspective to branching out in 2024, we will make two additions to companies onboarding Social Mining. Rest assured, quality will always be the dominant denominator when rolling out new Platforms, all moderated and organized by our indispensable Head of Community, Alexis Trujillo.

A ) Top 100 Coins and Industry Leaders. The disruptors, the game changing companies  that aim to change this crooked industry for the better. The trusted hyper liquid companies who always make good on their promises, companies we are proud to serve. 

B ) The Underdogs, undervalued companies not quite as high up the ladder as the former category. Nevertheless providing solid tech, high liquidity, full vested tokenomics, quality exchange listings, and thus high earning possibilities for our users. The companies will be subject to voting by our DAO Labs and their native community. These voting cycles will determine their status and budget, platform changes and in full affect their future in the Social Mining Galaxy. The Community decides. 

C ) Launchpad Prospects & Potential Unicorns, 

This is arguably the hardest new category to evaluate. Hence we are very careful in making decisions here. We require full disclosure of tokenomics and token economy and utility of the project.  Contractual assurances protecting the community and protecting the rewards the community is entitled to for supporting up and coming cutting edge technologies and projects. Minimum every 3 months, we will onboard one valuable project from our ( quite long ) waiting list to become a startup using Social Mining and Social Mining started as a launchpad for the likes of Avalanche & MultiverseX ( formerly Elrond ) as we intend to go back to the roots this year. 

Social Mining as a community tool is more than capable to allow the real benefactors of projects, the users, to aid and support the market launch and discovery of promising projects ( in stark contrast to the VCs who only leech and suck the life out of them ). Forgive us our choice of words, change in web3 in terms of who really should reap rewards comes slowly but it comes. The same favorable unlocks that VCs experienced from 2015 - 2021 don’t exist anymore. Now VCs are subject to more rigorous checks. Players like Binance have been fundamental in diminishing certain VC rights, imposing stricter rules for large investors. After all, the retail users account for all healthy and meaningful market activity. They should get the best rounds, the best vesting and the most favorable allocation rights. Their smaller cap, strength in numbers and actual impact within their respective skillsets makes this an even healthier investment decision. 

More Hubs, Social Mining V2 features, improved X Program scan for all platforms and an updated task modeling are headed to this Galaxy. The DAO Labs Core is working hard to bring you all that, so rest assured that 2024 will be simply amazing. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

Malte Christensen and Shuyong Yang

Founders, DAO Labs