The marpaci guide to a successful post

The marpaci guide to a successful post
Well known in the Social Mining Circles, Murat Arpaci reveals some tips for everyone to build great engaging posts. Keep reading this note by collaborator Social Miner Murat Arpaci.

.- Welcome to the world of social mining! I frequently receive inquiries from new social miners and individuals interested in our work. I would like to address some key points that can assist you in achieving success on this exciting venture.

My First recommendation would be for you to be patient. Social mining is not a short-term airdrop event; it serves as a consistent source of income. It is not very useful for anyone to RT or comment on a tweet that was posted months ago. Speed/timing affects relevance, so always engage quickly. The exception is pinned Tweets or long-running relevant posts for example on airdrops/referrals/whitelists. Instead, focus on generating work that adds genuine value to Dao Labs and its projects. By doing so, success will naturally follow.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the overall structure of social mining, it is advisable to read articles related to the subject matter. Explore the guides available on DAOVERSE to acquire fundamental knowledge. Evaluate these resources to comprehend the aspects that resonate with you, how you can earn points, and the methods for converting those points into income. The key is to contribute to projects and the community through your work genuinely. This way, you can achieve long-term success and establish a strong position in the world of social mining.

Now, let us discuss the creation of content. The most prominent platform for social miners is X (formerly known as Twitter), so I will primarily focus on tweets.

In my opinion, what should a tweet entail? Our objective is to disseminate significant news and developments to a wide audience. Therefore, our tweets need to be captivating. Imagine yourself scrolling through your homepage or a topic thread—what tweets would catch your attention? The ability to capture attention within the first few seconds is crucial. That is why I incorporate a significant number of emojis. The visual content you create should be visually striking in terms of color.

Trust me, this is more important than a professionally crafted, high-quality image. Your tweet should instantly capture the viewer's attention. Afterward, they will begin reading the text. If the tweet fails to catch their eye, even if the text is exceptional, many individuals will simply scroll past it.

To summarize, please consider the following bullet points:

1.   Prioritize Visuals: Make sure your visuals are visually striking and colorful, truly reflecting the essence of your content.

2.   Color Use: Be mindful of the color palette employed in your visuals and tweets. Vibrant and diverse colors can capture users' attention.

3.   Emoji use: Cultivate an emotional connection by utilizing a plentiful number of emojis.

4.   Attention-Grabbing Headline: Your tweet's headline (first line) should captivate your target audience. Employ a concise, intriguing, and curiosity-inducing headline.

5.   Authentic and Enjoyable Tone: Keep your writing tone genuine and enjoyable, and maintain a clear and concise writing style. Use a more personal style to connect with your target audience.

6.   Readability: The rhythm/flow of the text helps the reader break down tweet content into easily digestible chunks, with spaces between paragraphs providing a guiding theme, a through line.

7.   Pose Questions: Encourage engagement by posing questions. This can boost participation and fortify your community.

8.   Call to Action: Incorporate a call to action in your tweet. Encourage users to act, such as clicking a link, utilizing a hashtag, or leaving a reply.

Now I will show you an example tweet based on what I've written. Pay attention to the emojis at the end of paragraphs and the spacing between them. Not boring, readable.

Naturally, the most crucial aspect is providing accurate information. Therefore, conduct thorough research. Prior to sharing information on social media, ensure you are well-informed about the topic. Review the article links provided in designated tasks, gather relevant information, and allow the content you wish to create to gradually take shape in your mind.

Never hesitate to ask questions and continue learning.

Wishing you success on your journey!


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