Telos explained by Peter Nguyen

Telos explained by Peter Nguyen

The Telos Blockchain Community welcomed Social Mining on January 03, 2024, when DAO Labs and the Telos Foundation presented Telos Hub. After 3 weeks of operations, the Hub already boasted more than 450 members rewarded with at least 230,000 Points, and numbers are growing larger as we are writing this article.

To learn more about Telos, its fast EVM and other features that can make this blockchain become in something way larger than it is now we invited the Telos Foundation Marketing Chief to a brief introductory interview on DAO Labs Telegram chat.  

Peter Nguyen, our guest, had been working in traditional marketing for 15 years in industries like finance and technology, sometimes with brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, General Motors, and American Express, besides public areas on Transportation, Sustainability and Human Rights for the Canadian Government. He lately turned to the Web3/Blockchain space for the past 3 years exclusively. 

The key for any blockchain to make it in the Web3 game is to provide a powerful EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, to allow developers to build DeFi apps, and we asked Mr. Nguyen the plans of Telos on this regard.

In your Q4 2023 report, Telos established the resolution of becoming a Layer 0 blockchain when outlined the new roadmap that supports this goal. What's the role of Telos Zero and Telos EVM in this ecosystem?

We started the transition towards a Layer 0 blockchain about 7 months ago. The Layer 0 transition includes adding necessary cryptographic host functions, identifying a trustless cross-chain strategy, integrating IBC and enabling zK privacy features. The Layer 0 ecosystem expansion envisions a robust multi-chain universe with Telos Zero, Telos EVM, a zKEVM Gaming Side Chain (K2-18), and future On-Demand Chains serving different purposes within the Network.

Telos’ current blockchain structure offers many strengths, including high performance, multi-platform support, IBC technology integration for seamless connectivity, self-regulated software stacks (Antelope, OBE, Teloscan, Telos Wallet), engaged and supportive communities and a strong governance structure.

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We noticed that there is a growing demand for scalable, high-throughput blockchain solutions as users seek out robust and versatile platforms that carry low usage costs. Meanwhile, increasing privacy-focused solutions for businesses and individuals will also open the door to new strategic partnerships and user adoption & growth.

Telos Zero and Telos EVM are two distinct components of the Telos blockchain, each serving specific purposes.

On the Telos Zero side, we offer a lot of features like:

  • Native Layer (Layer 0): Telos Zero serves as the core foundation of the network, responsible for core blockchain functions like consensus, account management, state storage, and network security.
  • High-performance Architecture: It utilizes the Antelope protocol, offering ultra-fast transaction speeds (over 15,200 TPS) and upcoming upgrade of instant finality.
  • Customizable WASM Runtime: This allows developers to create smart contracts using various programming languages, including C++ and Typescript.
  • Focus on Scalability and Stability: Designed for long-term scalability and reliability, prioritizing network security and stability.

Now, with Telos EVM developers enjoy these other features:

  • 'Layer 2 Solution': Not a traditional 'EVM' but a smart contract built on top of Telos Zero, it acts as a second layer scaling solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • Familiar Development Environment: Leverages the popular EVM environment, allowing developers familiar with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains to easily deploy and utilize their existing tools and expertise.
  • Lower Gas Fees: Transactions occur on Telos Zero but are processed through the EVM, benefiting from Telos Zero's low gas fees and high performance.
  • Increased Accessibility: Attracts developers and users familiar with the Ethereum ecosystem, expanding the Telos reach and user base.

And, of course, every reader can learn a lot about Telos' network architecture through Telos’ documentation.

That’s quite a complete Telos panorama. Now, can you tell us more about your Telos Evolved roadmap, in particular the products around Zero Knowledge Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP), ZKEVM Gaming, and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)?

We released a comprehensive 2024-2025 Roadmap last December that pictures quite a lot, as anyone can check on our blog. We started a major focus on enabling ZK technology around May of 2023. ZK proofs allow transaction data to be validated without revealing its actual content, enhancing user privacy and transaction confidentiality. This can be particularly appealing for applications dealing with sensitive financial data or personal information and adds a layer of data protection onto Telos that has not existed before.

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However, generating and verifying ZK proofs can be computationally intensive, requiring specialized hardware or advanced cryptography techniques. Telos aims to solve this via our Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP), a decentralized framework designed for massively scalable ZK-enabled transactions, enhancing security and privacy. Its purpose? To make Zero Knowledge technology feasible for high throughput use cases such as gaming, compliance, and data protection on-chain, paving the way for its broader adoption in everyday applications.

There’s something about the ZK and our upcoming Scalable Proof Protocol (SPP) on Telos by Alberto Garoffolo, Head of Zero Knowledge, on how ZK proofs address key challenges and paves the way for widespread adoption, besides some everyday applications of scalable ZK tech.

Telos is diving headfirst into the exciting world of web3 gaming, led by our new Head of Gaming, Justin Edwards. During Town Hall 02 we introduced K2-18, our specialized gaming side-chain, set to launch in the third quarter of 2024. K2-18 will feature a side token MVP, a crucial first step, in Q3, followed by a dynamic gaming launcher in Q4. These developments are not just about enhancing the gaming experience on Telos; they're about keeping pace with the ever-changing gaming industry and establishing Telos as a leader in web3 gaming innovation.

Another key feature is the introduction of blockchain as a service (BaaS), simplifying the creation of new blockchain solutions with enhanced privacy features within a customizable and bespoke way.

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But maybe one of the most important notes on our roadmap is that we completed a peer-reviewed study alongside Baylor University in Texas (United States) and determined, with astonishing accuracy, the throughput of our Telos EVM! It is the best in the industry, by FAR via confirmed quantitative data processed by the Blockchain Collective Group at Baylor University.

By the looks of all this information, anyone may think there's a good perspective on Web3 developments and also room for NFTs in your view, too. What is the 'Tekika' program you teased during the last Telos Town Hall 02?

Tekika is our own initiative linking gaming, collectibles and fun, for everyone and specially for our community, with our own technology. Chris Waxa, Telos’ Head of Design, defines it as a journey-driven NFT collection designed to reward you as you interact with the Telos Network!

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The progression of collectors through the NFT challenges, along with the experience points (XP) they accumulate, will directly influence the quantity of tokens allocated to them from the gaming side chain. This correlation ensures that active participation and advancement in the NFT challenges translate into tangible rewards in the form of increased gaming side chain token allocations. Where players build collections aiming to several key objectives:

  • Rewarding User Engagement: Throughout an engaging narrative-driven journey, users will be consistently rewarded at every stage, enhancing their experience and involvement.
  • Social Awareness Campaign: Leveraging the mechanics of the NFT collection, the goal is to launch a broad social awareness campaign. This will not only promote the collection but also increase its visibility and appeal across various platforms.
  • Community Building and Incentivization: Central to the collection's ethos is fostering a strong community around Telos. This will be achieved through interactive group challenges and team efforts. Participants can look forward to exclusive rewards, both in real life (IRL) and within the game, fostering a sense of camaraderie and collective achievement.
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Indeed, Telos has a lot to offer and I see -as many of this audience can see, too- why you guys could be making it big in times to come.

Some weeks ago Telos revealed that John Lilic is coming onboard as the Executive Director. I found that your community welcomed this decision. Can you share more information about John?

John brings a wealth of experience to Telos, including his notable contributions at Consensys and Polygon, where he played a key role in developing influential technologies like MetaMask. His expertise in blockchain technology and his status as a Top 50 Web3 Angel Investor will be instrumental in guiding Telos' transition into a Layer 0 network, utilizing cutting-edge Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technology.

In his new role, Lilic will serve as the public face of the Telos Foundation, engaging in global outreach at various conferences and events. He will play a pivotal role in forming strategic partnerships and guiding the foundation's initiatives in technology development, grants, research, budgeting, and education.

Lilic's first act as Executive Director involves donating headline sponsorship for ETHCC 2024 to Telos, along with an additional sponsorship at ETH Belgrade 2024. These events will serve as critical platforms for showcasing Telos' upcoming ZK technology releases and expanding its European influence.

In addition, the Telos Foundation, under Lilic's guidance, plans to establish an external advisory board comprising top-tier talent in 2024. This will include both Web2 and Web3 advisors that are champions in top fields such as AI, ZK, Blockchain Development, Finance, Governance, etc.

DAO Labs and Telos: What makes this union pivotal for both communities?

The Telos community is extremely passionate. There are people that have been here since Day 1. In fact Telos started as a community led project that saw contributors come together to build the foundations of the network that you see today. We started off in 2018 with no ICO and a fair launch. I believe the Telos network is one of the most decentralized networks around, and the community is extremely active when it comes to matters of governance and voting on important issues which have an ability to impact the direction of the overall network.

As an example, back in May we released a plan to increase our Total Supply to 420M through which we received a positive 61.8M votes via our governance dapp. This is a weighted vote so it's not a 1 to 1. However this emphasizes that the Telos community is extremely aware of all major updates and as the Foundation we have an obligation to provide both transparency and accountability to the community. This aligns very well with creating and fostering a strong community.

I have explored many different social mining tools for the past 12 months, and DAO Labs is by far the most advanced. The built-in features including Twitter Scan, Wallet Scan have provided a level of in-depth analysis that I have not seen on other platforms. The task and reward mechanism is extremely well thought out with the different micro currencies of points, reputations. 

And the marketplace redemption is extremely effective and customizable! Telos is always looking for positive ways to increase our reach and influence and we believe that we have found a very strong, long-term partner in DAO Labs. We hope to be with this community for a long time and we are extremely grateful that Malte Christensen and Shuyong Yang have decided to give Telos a chance to prove to the world who we are!

We believe in our network, we believe in our community, we have been around for 5+ years without a SINGLE hitch. And we believe this is the year that we come out. This is the year of Telos. And we couldn't be more excited that DAO Labs is here with us for the ride.

Let's make a huge splash this year! Telos x DAO Labs!


About Telos

Telos is a growing network of networks (Layer 0) enabling Zero Knowledge technology for ultimate scalability and privacy to support all industries and applications. The expanding Telos ecosystem includes over 1.2 million accounts, hundreds of partners, and numerous dApps. Launched in 2018 Telos is known for its impeccable five-year record of zero downtime and is home to the world's fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine, the Telos EVM. Telos is positioned to lead enterprise adoption into the world of borderless Web3 technology and decentralized solutions.

About DAO Labs and Social Mining

Since its creation, DAO Labs has rooted for new ways to provide fair payment for quality work to people in need of a side hustle or a basic income. New technologies enable that. This is called Decentralization of Jobs, one of the principles of Social Mining, and it’s about offering several key advantages over traditional employment structures.

Social Mining platform members have the opportunity to enhance a specific project by working remotely from all over the world just offering their own skills, as well as choosing how many hours to dedicate to it. 

You could resume its benefits into three basic features:

  • Enables Social Miners to earn money in new and innovative ways, such as monetizing their skills and expertise on decentralized platforms
  • Provides individuals with flexibility and control over their work, letting them choose the projects they work on and committed time to do so
  • Allows people around the world to participate in work opportunities that were previously unavailable to them, regardless of location or qualifications. User Generated Content (UCG) is owned by the producers, and they are well compensated for it.

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