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Malte Christensen, CEO
November 2, 2022

The crypto wallet of the future will diversify and allow users to capitalize on their very own content, IP, and digital assets.

It will allow for royalties on IP and trademark rights. Allowing for simulations, streaming and creating content, the transmission of music files, gaming and so much more to be monetized and individually harvested by their rightful owners. Directly from the comfort of their browser wallet. We already have hundreds of integrated wallet sites and dApps. Soon there will be thousands. Nothing like the current NFT bubble of worthless crap, basically hedging funds in a bear market laundering proceeds into the endless pool of ETH liquidity. One differentiating factor might be the usage of interactive NFTs like a mechanical part that makes a car run more smoothly, either by saving gas or creating more yield, or accelerating the functionality, however, there are very few examples of good NFTs, and none we consider worth mentioning here.

Companies like NEM, older than Ethereum, and the first Japanese open source Blockchain led to the creation of Blockchain merchants aimed at a new economic movement. An idea that might ultimately prevail is their Symbol Mosaic, even though this specific use case is too flawed, not able to process mass transactions, and generally buggy. However, the philosophy is right. It also is more of a DAO than BinanceChain could ever be which now becomes an equal if not worth than Ethereum in terms of creating opportunities for people to build cheap plug-in technological solutions that people can operate on a much lower gas fee than ETH. We are not here to bash BSC and ETH. Vitalik Butherin and Changpeng Zhao are revolutionaries in their own right. If they could, they would limit the exposure to toxic VCs and provide a safety net to small-time investors.

Vitalik in fact donated the approx, 500m USD he was given by Shiba Inu as a marketing gig to Polygon’s Covid Relief Foundation in India. Binance builds a reputation for protecting their companies, similar to Kraken in the US and of course the Korean and Japanese exchanges. These exchanges are also the few ones that invest in potential industry leaders rather than a cheap, undervalued mcapl coin with unicorn, i.e. 100x potential like all the IDO platforms do choosing the easy way.

There is good in this world.

There is good in the Shape of companies like:

Celo: Creating a coin and ecosystem to better the distribution of aid to refugees, help training centers operate and build a fair transparent ecosystem.

Algorand: One of the most scalable and DeFi-friendly Layer-1 smart contracting platforms. Has committed to being carbon-negative and is purchasing carbon offsets for the energy consumption of its entire network.

Small but important use cases:

Rideshare businesses such as Gokada relying on crypto and allowing people without a bank account to travel from and to work. Cutting out servers in a technological context means cutting out institutions in a larger spectrum. This change will come and it will come in waves.

Rainforest Foundation UN: Fighting loggers decimating rainforest deforestation. Supporting the people living on the front line fighting loggers.

ShyftNetwork: Shyft is a blockchain-based protocol that enables the secure and auditable sending of messages between individual users and trusted parties

Immutable X: Immutable X is the first layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs with zero transaction cost and with instant trade confirmation. It is considered as the NFT marketplace for other marketplaces to connect.

We are proud to have supported some of the best blockchain technologies on the planet through our SaaS solution Social Mining. It has nothing to do with the mining blocks to facilitate transactions or reach consensus but it allows users to leverage their 1 ) social media accounts and 2 ) individual skills to generate a second income.

This became much more important in this time of a global pandemic.

A little Crypto walkaround, Hot or Not. Understand what you get into.

Before we get to Social Mining it is important to state that users’ wages, earnings, and investments need to remain liquid at all times. There is no scenario as traumatic as investing in a company that doesn’t understand how to become and stay liquid, which means consequence that users can’t liquidate. We have provided Social Mining to companies that aim at and understand real liquidity provision. Of course, you can use a DEX and fill a pool but CEX liquidity is something that will remain relevant for the considerable future. Thus here is a quick overview:

1 ) Introducing the bottomfeeders, lone washtrade exchanges like BKEX, LBank, exmarkets, bibox, indodax, etc etc. . No retail user base, no volume, no style.

2 ) Then the syndicates such as, Changelly, and HitBTC, all led by scalable solutions, slightly better but still a horrible choice as they can coordinate and ping pong fake MM accounts and give the notion of traction despite not having a real user base or much traction.

3 ) The real tier 2 exchanges:
Gate, Kucoin, OKEX, Bitmax/Ascendex

4 ) The strictly national-oriented and regulated exchanges following strict due diligence:
Korea — Bithumb, Upbit
Japan — Zaif, Bitbank
Thailand — Bitkub
India — WazirX

5 ) The Custodians
Coinbase, Bitfinex, and Gemini would be good examples. Their listing requirements are quite liberal, provided you have MM and a good audit and LO in place, if you give them custody of your raised — or user funds for a few years getting a % way below market average which is like overcharging by 5x — 10x. The biggest lenders & infrastructural players, like Bitgo, Fireblocks, Blockfi, and Celsius operate in a similar fashion. Plug in to their network in return for custody of your funds.

6 ) The Kings
Binance, then Binance, Binance, Coinbase and Kraken. Binance volume outperforms all the others combined and takes an estimated 75% market share. They also operate real-world payment processor networks and payment processor orchestrators thus providing seamless and basically limitless conversion from one to the other. At an est. 60 billion daily volume in a bull market they sit on oceans of FIAT and crypto and operate within their own ecosystem entirely.

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The future lies in the economic community being monetized.