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DAO Labs Team
January 26, 2023

The concept of Social Mining introduces the idea that users who can help build an open-source cryptocurrency ecosystem should be appropriately rewarded in stablecoin, like BUSD, or in the native currency of the SM platform used. 

It’s incredibly straightforward and therein lies its beauty - a simple yet powerful idea whose time is now. 

Social Mining and its Statement 

Launched 14 years ago, Bitcoin set the tone for an industry that would see tremendous innovation and hundreds of thousands of people building toward an open community. 

One that is different from traditional economics and finance, that relies on and propels the principles of inclusivity, openness, immutability, and censorship resistance. 

Off this concept, DAO Labs was founded in 2021, and composed of a team of experts with experience in some of the leading projects in the industry. It provides governance solutions and consulting services aimed at helping communities to transform their organisations through blockchain-based technology. 

Social Mining is a concept by DAO Labs and its goal is to give equal possibilities to everyone - no matter their race, gender, location, or status, to become an active shareholder of a project thanks to the effort and time they can channel and devote to it. 

Considering the mission and values, partly mentioned above and which are the base of the company, it is clear that the team is very sensitive to the issues associated with gender inequality, as well as to that related with the lack of employment for younger people, poverty, and others. DAO Labs believes that Social Mining is something that can produce meaningful changes, which are crutial to helping younger people and women, in general, to reach their social, investment, and educational goals. 

Let’s dive deeper. 

What’s the Approach of Social Mining?

While all of the above sounds exciting in theory, in practice, it requires a structured and disciplined approach to yield any kind of results. Therefore, DAO Labs has identified a few core steps necessary to make it a success. 

First, Social Mining enables projects to build their communities and raise awareness. Then, it incentivizes communities to learn about various initiatives and actively engage with the project. Furthermore, it raises communities to give value to the overall well-being of society and individuals. 

Last but not least, it also allows communities to earn or donate digital assets by offering their time and effort for a range of different tasks and activities. It empowers users to get rewards, regardless of where they are, what they work for, and so forth. 

The Way it Works

DAO Labs runs a few active Social Mining platforms, all of which represent community hubs where everyone finds and posts different tasks that help strengthen a specific project. 

The platforms are composed of a Community Board. Think of it as the main area that community members use to earn points and reputation by exercising contributions and governance. This is where they can find various tasks, with different levels of difficulty. Their submissions are then evaluated by the DAO Labs team and validators and awarded Social Media Points. 

In essence, DAO Labs offers a program that’s linking up to other female crypto organizations with the aim of providing Social Mining as adequate alternative means of income for qualified young people and women. 

The Impact of Social Mining on Humanity

The program addresses qualified people who are not offered the right opportunities. As a matter of fact, a lot of the people who engage in these activities tend to live in poor countries and are placed at obvious economic disadvantages. They tend to earn less, save less, and are a lot more likely to have insecure jobs.

Some people live close to poverty. It’s easy to see how challenging reaching social, educational, and investment opportunities in these conditions can be. 

However, thanks to the assistance of the community and the DAO Labs team’s own expertise, the association involved, can educate, upskill, and effectively empower women and young people around the world to earn income or become shareholders in a project within the crypto industry. 

The team wants to build a future where Social Mining is used as a crucial component to help achieve equality. 

Less Words, More Action. Use Cases: GWBA  

To cement its attempts and to give complete merit to its intentions, DAO Labs has partnered with the Global Woman Blockchain Alliance. The collaboration aims to bridge the gender gap in the technology sector in Africa and to assist in building communities. 

In fact, the team hosted the African Lead of the Global Blockchain Woman Alliance (GBWA) - Modupe Ativie, in a Q&A on DAO Labs Telegram a few weeks ago. 

GBWA furthers the mission by training and providing various opportunities to African women in blockchain and also through blockchain. Speaking on the matter Ativie said: 

“GBWA has trained over 500 women and girls between the ages of 8 and 35 since 2021. Mostly introductory level training and a coding camp we call “GIRLCHAIN.” We decided to start very young because the reality is many women over the age of 35 are no longer willing to reinvent themselves. [...] It has been a very rewarding experience and we are always willing to collaborate and partner with people who are interested in educating and empowering women.”

To further outline the challenges that women face in some African countries, Modupe said: 

“Women, especially from Africa, have been subject to many different biases and pressures. The gender inequality on the continent is huge - in some countries and some areas, the gender pay gap gets up to 70%. We also deal with the rural challenge - women are expected to be domesticated and focus on the home front. This has greatly improved in the Southern, Western, and Eastern parts of the continent but is still prevalent in the north." 

To show what kind of impact Social Mining can have on Nigerian women, for example, Modupe shares some astonishing and yet troubling facts. 

“The basic income in Nigeria is 30,000 naira or about $42 per month. Statistics show that 60% of our working population earns this amount and below. Don’t forget the gender pay gap is about 70%.”

DAO Labs and GBWA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate by educating and empowering women to increase their income while building communities. They have been invited to introduce and suggest a group of women with certain skills to add to the program. 

This program will allow women and girls, who have smart phones and are able to get online, the opportunity to earn extra income through tweet activities. How?

The first step will be a Twitter Test Program, an automated social media marketing tool that allows eligible Social Mining users to earn by promoting the project via their Twitter accounts. Up to 20 trial participants will join and will be offered Twitter Tasks both on DAOVERSE and Polygon Hubs. Users will have to follow the instructions on the Twitter Program page of Social Mining to publish the Tweet. Usually, it requests either to include a specific #hashtag, @mention, or an HTTP link. 

New Horizons

To strengthen its statement and further its cause DAO Labs undertakes a differentiated approach by providing various means for education. 

From free audio and video tutorials designed to improve skills in various sectors, how-to guides, language courses, and IT programs, the team works to truly provide young people and women with the tools they need to excel in what they do. 

In addition, Social Mining enables yet another income stream, which in certain countries can easily exceed the average salary multifold. Users can get rewarded for every single task they complete. This way, disadvantaged women will earn, equally as all other platform users, by submitting their tasks. 

What’s DAO Labs' new mission then? Involve multiple stakeholders to see with their own eyes the benefit of Social Mining on society. Lately, a famous University from Nigeria showed interest in our project and we hope to have the opportunity to sit together to define and set up a program dedicated to Nigerian students. Also, we are currently dialoguing to find the right synergies with Universities from other countries, such as Turkey, to bring Social Mining into the classroom, as a new concept that merge together both the learning and quality side with the perspective of the new, meritocratic job of the century. 

Impact of Social Mining on Humanity