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Irene Marcianò
September 26, 2022

In this episode, we are glad to host a very sweet, humble and genuine person as well as a great example in terms of presence, activity and effort inside the community. She is Cherry, known from the community as Amara09.

Would you like to introduce yourself? 

“It's really my pleasure again meeting you tonight. Everyone knows me here by the username Amara09 but in real life my name is Cherry but most of the people call me Mae. I'm turning 26 this September. And I was born in a province in Philippines in the part of Mindanao, which is South Cotabato known as the Land of Dreamweaver's

I was an on-call encoder before in DOLE (Department of Labor and Employment) and now I'm focusing as a Social Miner.”

What is Social Mining for you?

“Well, for me Social Mining is all about creating an equal arena where everyone has an opportunity to be heard and to benefit. Social Mining proves to me that consistent hard-work leads to success and greatness will come next!”

So let's go more in depth. What's your personal experience with Social Mining and the DAOVERSE?

“Honestly, I don't have a lot of experience in such things like crypto or even Social Mining before, but when my friend told me about this project and I decided to join, my knowledge had expanded. 

I learned a lot about new things, especially I realised that I have hidden talents that I didn't know before.

I am so grateful to be part of this great project because I met a lot of amazing people from different countries. I believe Social Mining brings people together in contemporary ways.”

Cherry, what's your role in the platform and, what would you suggest to become a good Social Miner?

“My role in the platform is as an Influencer. So for me, to be an influencer you need to learn to love people before leading them.

Based on my experience in DAO Labs, I would suggest 3 things: 

1. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do right, do your best; 

2. Have a teachable heart. Listen in order to learn. Try to listen sometimes, you will not learn a thing when you just keep on talking;

3. Your loyalty and honesty are very important to a project. For honesty I mean the art of being truthful while loyalty is really hard to find nowadays. 

To achieve a certain goal you need to have these 2 key factors. And of course, the best of all, love everything, even your work.”

What would you do to improve the usability of the DAOVERSE platform? What would be your suggestions?

“As for me, to increase and improve platform's usability, you need these factors:

1) Ease of access - having a platform that is easy to access and doesn't create traffic when multiple users are logged in. 

2) User friendly interface - of course, a platform that is so easy to understand and easy to use,  that even new users will not have hard time to adapt and will find themselves even enjoying using the platform.

3) Efficiency - a platform that can test how a user performs in each task given, performing a task with ease improves a platform's usability as well.

Low to no bug - bugs are hindrance to each user's performance and of course to the usability of the platform as well, so we need to fix every kind of bugs seen as soon as possible to have a smooth and more usable platform.”

Amara09 did a great job so far. We really appreciated her testimonial, her respect towards the others and the nice and genuine approach to life and business. Grateful to have such users among our big family, we will meet you all at the next episode of our series to know the next Social Miner of the Hour! 

“Loyalty and honesty are very important for a project.” Amara09