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Irene Marcianò
October 11, 2022

The Social Miner of the Hour sees the sequence of stories of people who want to grow in life, professionally and financially by putting their knowledge, skills and potential at the centre of everything. Today, our special guest is Alex @dCodeX, a versatile, and professional Social Miner from the Philippines. We have a large community from this amazing country, very talented and committed. 

Alex is surprised about being the new Social Miner of the Hour, and that shows his humility and kindness. He really deserves this recognition and we will introduce him and talk about his activities and talents during this article!

Alex, would you like to introduce yourself?

“I would like to formally introduce myself, I am dCodeX21 as you know, my former telegram/twitter handle is iamNEMonic if some of you still remember me. My real name is Alex Batongbakal. I live in the Philippines, so yeah, I'm also one of the Pinoys crowd here.

I am a graduate of Electronics and Communication Engineering Technology, and also BS in Information Technology. I'm a programmer/developer, more on backend development. I am now diving into web3 development and currently working on developing an NFT Marketplace. 

I used to be a Technical Trainer for NEM Blockchain here in the Philippines wayback 2018-2019. I started to become interested and enthusiastic in blockchain in 2015. With my curiosity on the blockchain, I actually managed to develop some applications that showcases the use cases of blockchain technology, examples are 2FA verification, messaging, ticketing system, blockchain -enabled switches (like Alex functions), and digital ID using blockchain. I am more on the technical side rather than writing or talking, so most of the time I am coding.” 

Reading your experience I assume Social Mining is not new for you, isn't it? And what is Social Mining for you?

“Social Mining for me I can say is showcasing your talent in marketing. You need to convince the audience to buy into your product. Everyone here has an opportunity or chance in Social Mining, but by giving your best you may have the chance to earn a reward for it. By giving your best means you are dedicating yourself in Social Mining, not just random posts or endorsements to finish the task. You need to have a high quality content be it graphics or writings, you need to endorse your product with a heart on it. You may fail at first, but consistency, determination, and hardwork is the key. And like everybody says, hard work pays off.”

Let's go more in depth in your activity into the DAOVERSE platform. What's your role and what's your favourite task so far and why?

“For the DAOVERSE, my role is Developer as what I selected upon signing up in the platform, actually it's the same role from previous Social Mining. By the way, I have experience in Social Mining before. It was in the time of NEM/Symbol Community Hub. The experience I had before was fruitful, that was where I learned to do high quality contents for the tasks. There were also technical tasks before which favoured my role. And so I am also waiting to have some technical tasks for the DAOVERSE. 

My favourite task so far is designing, you can actually notice that in my previous proposals and twitter posts. Because I do love designing as well aside from programming.”

You are one of the winners of the flash task about Polygon Community HUB poster. Actually, you presented the best work. Congratulations again! How do you feel about that? What's your experience as a designer?

“When I saw Sir Alexis' announcement and saw my entry on the banner, I was actually surprised! I was selected out of more than 50 entries, and it really made me so happy, because I was finally selected haha. But then I read that I also presented the best work, ohhh the tears of joy! hahaha. My happiness is shallow. Hard work pays off indeed.

Seriously I do not have any official learnings, or paid tutorials for my designing experience, it's just an accumulated experience of doing it ever since I started designing. I actually started from Photoshop 7 just to edit some pics for the school projects. And starting there, I managed to learn bit by bit until I could edit complex images/graphics using Photoshop. And also since I am a developer, I needed some custom elements for the websites I used to be a developer before in my previous jobs, so yeah it's an additional experience also. And along the way, I managed to apply the proper designing techniques as well to produce high quality images, such as spacing, proportions, color synergy, element balancing, etc. That's my experience as a designer.”

As a developer, what would you do to improve the usability of the platform?

“Honestly for me, the platform is already fine as it is. In a developer's point of view, modifying the existing system affects the majority of the functionalities and it takes a while to accomplish it especially if it's being used already. 

But I have some suggestions and one of them is maybe we could make some additional functionalities like fixed tasks to engage to get promoted to a higher rank, maybe like Guild Ranking System (Rank F - Rank SSS). And the rewards vary depending on their rank. Then a badge to show your ranking and progress, and NFT would be great too. That's one of the suggestions I think will highly utilise the meritocracy policy of Social Mining.”

We, at DAO Labs, always try to encourage every user's talent to come up and we are always looking for Social Miners able to give more value to the community and the platform. Besides, we are welcoming new platforms to the Community, part of our Q4 Plan is about task specialisation for DAOVERSE and, of course, every other platform we´ll be working with. More challenging tasks are on the way and we need the better skilled and suited to achieve those goals. So, considering Alex’s preferences, skills and the very good performance made so far, we invited him to be part of the DAO Labs Community Designer Guild. A new group/team with advanced skills in visuals and graphics who will help to create more challenging - and rewarding - tasks.

Glad to have @dCodeX on our “Task Force”, and we wish the best of luck to him!

@dCodeX is part of DAO Labs Community Designer Guild.