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Irene Marcianò
February 8, 2023

Social Mining, provided by DAO Labs, is a place where talents come out.

Every day, there’s plenty of new activities, tasks or programs that allow you to show your skills, earn and be noticed. 

Today, we would like to present another great opportunity for the community: be part of the DAOVERSE Quora Guild

Let’s dig into it.

What is Quora? 

Nowadays, when a question comes to your head, the first place you go is the internet, as it is topped up with resources that can give you the information you are looking for. Quora represents one of the right places to jump in.

As a matter of fact, Quora is a platform where people can ask questions and get answers by fellow users. They can read and share insightful answers, as well as Upvote and Downvote them, which are the parameters to rank the quality of answers. 

The platform allows users to create social networks and follow topics that interest them. Here, indeed, users engage in discussions of 400,000 topics every day, such as technology, health, science, politics, crypto, blockchain, and much more. 

The importance of the platform is not to be underestimated. Quora is among the top 20 social media platforms in the world based on the user count, with over 300 million users every month, which is close to big names in social media such as Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. 

What’s the DAOVERSE Quora Guild?

Taking into account the above considerations, Quora represents a strategic marketing lever to spread the word of Social Mining as well as an important opportunity for social miners to earn extra income. 

We are looking for active and competent users on Quora, who know how to get through the platform, as well as able to to comprise the most important Quora Users in Blockchain, to provide and focus on high-quality and accurate questions and answers to give the right visibility and awareness about Social Mining

Every week we will define the right strategy and together we will outline the guidelines on what to post and what to ask in order to let Quora users from around the world know the range of possibilities offered by every Social Mining platform. 

How can I apply for it?

Do you have the factor Q?

Do you feel confident, familiar and committed enough to be part of the Quora Guild? 

Are you the right person to dig into the platform and help the team and the entire community to spread the word of Social Mining? 

If the answer to all these questions is YES, Fill out the form and make sure we can notice you!

DAO Labs Quora Program