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March 14, 2023

The DAO Labs team is excited to announce that WAX is joining the Social Mining movement to foster ecosystem growth through the launch of WAX Hub.

WAX Hub is a community-building platform that leverages Social Mining SaaS to enable WAX stakeholders to collaborate on a range of activities. These include content curation, business development, social media marketing and other value-adding initiatives that contribute to the growth of the WAX ecosystem. As a reward for their contributions, community members who participate in these activities will have the opportunity to earn WAXP coins.

By leveraging the power of Social Mining, WAX is taking a significant step towards creating a vibrant and engaged community that can drive ecosystem growth in a sustainable manner. This approach not only benefits the community members who are able to earn WAXP coins, but it also enables WAX to tap into the collective intelligence and creativity of its stakeholders to achieve its long-term goals. We are thrilled to see WAX take this important step, and we look forward to supporting their journey towards greater success.

What is WAX Hub? 

WAX Hub is a community-driven platform that aims to establish a new distribution curve for network members who contribute to building the WAX ecosystem. By creating a tribalized and resource-rich funnel, WAX Hub is designed to attract and retain new members and enhance community engagement.

If you're new to Social Mining, the first step to get started on WAX Hub is to create an account and complete the Onboarding Survey. You can choose from a range of jobs, such as a graphic designer or content writer, and will be eligible to work on tasks specific to the role you select. To receive payment for your work, you need to connect your MetaMask Wallet and WAX Cloud Wallet to your profile. Additionally, to participate in the Twitter program, you need to connect your Twitter account to your profile.

Like other Social Mining Hubs, including DAOVERSE, Avalanche Hub, Polygon Hub, and Kava Hub, you can earn Points and Reputation on WAX Hub by working on Tasks, completing Twitter program assignments, participating in the Referral Program, and completing other work.

WAX Hub is currently in a soft-launch period and is open to all interested individuals.

As a participant on WAX Hub, you can redeem the Points you earn through the Marketplace. The Marketplace offers a range of redemption options, including WAXP coins, Ambassador Badges, and NFTs, which can be received in the WAX Cloud Wallet you provide.

After the official launch, WAXP holders and skilled workers will be able to gain Influence Indexes through soft-staking. This will allow both groups to participate in the governance of Social Mining incentives via the Community Board voting process.

By providing a range of opportunities and incentives for community engagement, WAX Hub aims to promote sustainable growth for the WAX ecosystem.

What’s WAX?

WAX, short for Worldwide Asset eXchange, is a decentralized blockchain launched in June 2017 with a focus on digital goods. At the time, the use of tokens to secure, store, and send virtual items in video games was a concept discussed by only a few projects and crypto enthusiasts. However, with the market for virtual goods and tokenized consumer products now worth over $2 trillion, WAX's objective is to create opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to profit from the growing digital goods market.

Today, consumers in the blockchain space use virtual items from video games and NFTs more than any other applications available. With over 2 billion games worldwide, the market is huge and growing rapidly. WAX is currently considered the leading company in NFTs, allowing fiat payments and providing a user-friendly platform.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are unique digital assets with monetary value that cannot be replicated or replaced with something else. They can be used for collecting, buying, selling, trading, or gifting. NFTs have several characteristics that differentiate them from other tokens, such as metadata, visuals, and serial numbers, which can impact their value in the trading process. Although NFTs are traded on several blockchains, the WAX Blockchain is one of the most active and dedicated to NFT transactions.

The WAX Service Layer is a full suite of blockchain-based tools and services, including the WAX Creator, a self-service and user-friendly tool that allows anyone to create NFTs like stickers, collectible cards, and digital art on the WAX Blockchain in just a few minutes, and for free.

The combination of WAX and NFTs is ushering in a new era of digital asset ownership, where gamers and collectors can truly own and trade their virtual goods like physical items. Although the technology is still young, there are exciting possibilities for the future.

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DAO Labs announces the Soft Launch of WAX Hub