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DAO Labs Team
October 9, 2022

The DAO Labs Team proudly announces that Polygon Hub, its new Social Mining community platform, made to create and share contents about -and for- the Polygon Blockchain Ecosystem, is now available for users around the world. Dive in and use it to earn rewards for posting related activities on their social media as well as supporting their brand through task submissions.

Polygon Hub aims to project and amplify technology and core features of Polygon, alongside News and stories of its most important use cases, challenges and make the community part of this project’s history.

The soft launch phase, in which the development team still will be making some adjustments to the platform, began on October 9th, 2022. Any interested user can start the onboarding process at

Members of other DAO Labs platforms such as Avax Hub -for the Avalanche Blockchain Community- or DAOVERSE will find the interphase and functions to be very similar in Polygon Hub, made under original design by DAO Labs. The Core Team has invited the top 100 Social Miners fitting the Polygon HUB 175 Twitter follower threshold to participate in the exclusive soft launch program and testing of the $MATIC Soft Stake.

By doing so, and following the easy steps to complete the onboarding process, new members will be able to create, like or share content and perform publishing and participation tasks in their social media accounts in exchange for platform points. These points are exchangeable for $MATIC. The second component is reputation, which serves to boost the overall wage % , once the task validation period -or Workdrop- finishes. The third and last variable, Influence,  determines the voting & validation rights through daily scanning of the soft staked amount.

Of course, earned amounts can be monetized by the Hubbers or contributed to other uses, such as increasing their Soft Stake. Polygon Hub offers users to Stake their $MATIC by linking their wallets to the platform, so the automatic system can perform a periodic scan and reward for the held token amount. This way, users retain full control of their wallets with complete freedom of use.

DAO Labs announces the Soft Launch of Polygon Hub