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Irene Marcianò
October 5, 2022

The purpose of the Social Miner of the Hour series is to give voice as well as to congratulate the best Social Miners who stand out for their skills, talents, and for the value they are giving to the community and DAO Labs

People from around the world who approached, most of them for the first time, to Social Mining finding in it an entertaining way to overcome their own limits, discover their hidden talents as well as earning rewards thanks to the time and skills invested. 

Every time we interview them, we can feel each one’s emotions and joy and it means a lot for us: we are doing something great that is going to change the way we have intended the crypto space and not only so far. 

The protagonist of this episode is a content writer, known as @BackToLife77. Let us not linger and know more about him! 

Would you like to introduce yourself? 

“My name is Ignacio Díaz (known in the community as BackToLife77). I'm 42 years old. I was born in Uruguay but I have lived in Spain since I was 23 (my family is from here).

I work in a warehouse preparing shipments. I'm married and have a son (he's 2 months old). In my free time, in addition to spending time with my family, I like to learn about the crypto world.”

What is Social Mining for you, Ignacio?

“For me, Social Mining is a new concept of work in which decentralisation and independence go hand in hand. Social Mining will change the way of understanding jobs.”

How did you find us? And what's your experience with Social Mining and the DAOVERSE?

“My experience with Social Mining starts here, with DAO Labs. I honestly didn't know anything about this. One day, I received a link from a Twitter contact about an airdrop and some simple task to do.

I entered the DAO Labs page and learned more about the project, and since then it has been very interesting. I began to participate in the tasks and chat with the community. That way, a bit by chance, my journey and experience with DAOVERSE began.”

You stood out as a content writer. Would you like to give us 3 advices to become a good Social Miner?

I have always been better at writing than speaking! I trust the following points: 

1) Be authentic and totally transparent in what you write or in the tasks you present (and not only to get LIKES and RETWEETS);

2) Believe in the project and the community to which you belong and dedicate yourself to them (as long as your daily life permits);

3) Be clear that this is not a competition, it's a team effort and we are stronger together than separately.”

Regarding the DAOVERSE platform. Is there something you would do to improve its usability?

“I sincerely believe that the development of the platform is being correct. Let's not forget that we have grown a lot in recent months. What I do think is necessary is trying to promote integration in certain areas. There are millions of people with a lot of potential who can spread the word and make us bigger everyday.”

"A content writer should be authentic”. @BackToLife77